'I am a black woman on fire': Angela Rye schools right-wing pundit laughing at those who'll hurt from SCOTUS decisions
Scott Jennings, Angela Rye and Bakari Sellers (Photo: Screen capture)

While Democratic strategist Bakari Sellers described the horrors that Americans will likely face under the legal decisions a right-wing justice would support, Republican Scott Jennings was laughing.

"Tonight I'm extremely pissed off," Sellers said, before naming all of the people he blames for America reaching this moment in history. "I'm pissed off at everybody right now. Right now we have people not in the United States Senate, people not sitting on panels on CNN who are going to suffer because of it. People like white women who benefit because of affirmative action who are going to suffer. Women who literally need abortions are going to suffer from it. People who are in unions going to suffer."

Host Don Lemon noted that Jennings needed a napkin to clean up the drool dripping from his smile. He could be heard audibly laughing.

Jennings then tried to throw out corporate talking points saying that the ruling against unions from the Supreme Court Wednesday would cause union bosses to suffer. Democratic Angela Rye called out the nonsense in Jennings' argument and explained that corporations are who win when people are prevented from collectively bargaining.

"I know you love to go with there with me, but don't go there with me. I'm a black woman on fire. You're not going to do it," Rye said back.

Watch below: