Bombshell report reveals Trump could be indicted under seal without his knowledge
Trump's planned tariffs on steel and aluminium have triggered fears of a trade war. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

Berkeley, California attorney Alexander Stern, released a bombshell report on Friday that suggests President Donald Trump may be under a sealed indictment without even knowing.

The report gathered eight leading criminal law professors across the country. The Department of Justice has argued that indicting President Trump could distract him from his presidential duties, but Stern said a sealed indictment could take away that concern.

"The Department of Justice says prosecuting a sitting president can impermissibly distract him. However, indictments under seal, remove this fear," Stern wrote in the report.

A sealed indictment could start the process under the radar, thus eliminating the potential distractions that a public indictment would create. If a sealed indictment takes place, President Trump would not face any consequences until after he leaves office.

"It just sets the process in motion formally. It empowers the courts to have authority over Mr.Trump, so that perhaps if Mr. Mueller is fired or otherwise leaves his post, the judicial branch will have jurisdiction and they are not beholden to Mr. Trump," Stern told Raw Story.

A sealed indictment would remove the statute of limitation concern.

The University of Alabama School of Law’s Prof. Jenny Carroll, said:“One possibility would be that the indictment if sealed [could solve] the sol [statute of limitations] problem and the matter does [not] proceed until after the President leaves office.”

Stern noted that indicting a sitting president has never been investigated to this extent and called the Mueller probe the "investigation of the century."

"No, absolutely not, on the flip side, we have never had a president like Donald Trump before," Stern concluded.