British spies took 'inexcusable' actions after 9/11 - parliamentary report

British spies knew about the mistreatment of hundreds of suspected militants by the United States, and were involved in capturing people who were transferred without legal process to third countries, according to a report by parliament.

“In our view the UK tolerated actions, and took others, that we regard as inexcusable,” the Intelligence and Security Committee said.

“That being said, we have found no ‘smoking gun’ to indicate that the Agencies deliberately overlooked reports of mistreatment and rendition by the US as a matter of institutional policy.”

The committee said it had found 232 cases where British personnel continued to supply questions or gather intelligence after they knew about suspected mistreatment.

The report also found 28 cases where intelligence agencies suggested, planned or agreed to rendition operations and three cases where they offered to make a financial contribution to conduct a rendition operation.

Reporting by Andrew MacAskill, Editing by Paul Sandle