'Burn it down': Republican C-SPAN caller suggests Red Hen will be set on fire for asking Sarah Sanders to leave
Pedro Echevarria appears on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" (screen grab)

A Virginia caller on C-SPAN's Republican line on Monday suggested that someone might burn down the Red Hen restaurant after its owner protested the Trump administration by asking White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to leave.

During Monday's edition of Washington Journal, host Pedro Echevarria asked callers for reaction to the news that Sanders had been asked to leave the restaurant over the administration's "zero tolerance" policy on immigration.

"Ms. Sanders should be very happy that she was asked to leave," Frank from Virginia told Echevarria. "Because some fool in the kitchen would have probably spit in her food."

"What did you think about her being asked to leave in the first place?" the C-SPAN host wondered.

"Like I said, I think she should be happy," Frank replied. "You've got stupid garden implements like the woman that owns [the Red Hen] and like [California Democratic Congresswoman] Maxine Waters. It's crazy that people like that are ever put in any kind of authority."

Before hanging up, Frank added: "Please keep us informed on what happens to that restaurant in case somebody decides to burn it down for her."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.