'We can make a sport of this': Racist frat bros caught fantasizing about hunting immigrants for fun
Men celebrating in a bar (Shutterstock).

A group of racist fraternity brothers attending Texas Tech have been condemned both by their university and the Texas Tech Interfraternity Council after they were caught talking about shooting undocumented immigrants for sport.

Lubbock Online reports that the discussion on immigration was started in an online chat session was sparked by Kyle Mitchell, who serves as president of the Texas Tech Interfraternity Council.

After he asked members in the chat to start debating about immigration, the talk quickly turned to deporting and killing undocumented immigrants.

"I’m telling you, build a wall, and the us govt. can sell permits for legal hunting on the border," wrote one fraternity member. "We can make a sport of this, can be a new tax revenue stream for the gov."

In other messages, the fraternity members said they shouldn't deport all undocumented immigrants because they needed to keep some around to be "gardeners" and "housekeepers." When one frat member suggested using the immigrants as "slaves," another replied that they were the "wrong race" to be enslaved.

Texas Tech sharply condemned the students in a statement released on Thursday.

"The messages shared on social media are abhorrent and strongly condemned," the university said. "University officials are investigating this matter. Texas Tech University is proud of the inclusivity and rich cultures that make up our community. These insensitive and racially charged messages do not reflect the core values of the institution."

See screen shots of all the racist chat messages at this link.