CNN justice correspondent: Trump is going to be 'very disappointed' by watchdog report on Comey and Clinton
Wolf Blitzer speaks to Evan Perez (CNN/screen grab)

CNN Justice Department correspondent Evan Perez predicted on Thursday that President Donald Trump will be "very disappointed" when he reads an inspector general report on former FBI Director James Comey and the handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

Perez told CNN host Wolf Blitzer that the report does not support criminal charges for either Comey or Clinton. Trump was expected to be briefed on the report Thursday afternoon.

"That's one of the things the president has been pushing for," Perez said of criminal charges. "As far as charges against James Comey or perhaps even against Hillary Clinton, which you have heard repeated from some Republicans and the president in particular, it doesn't appear from what we're seeing in this report that that is going to be coming forward."

"So the president is probably going to be disappointed," he continued. "The president will certainly be able to use some of the findings in this report to support his claim that he was right to fire James Comey."

"I think there is plenty of stuff here for the president to work with politically, but as far as getting criminal charges against Comey and against other people, I think he's going to be very disappointed when he reads this report."

Watch the video below from CNN.