CNN legal analyst explains what Manafort will face in jail — and why he won’t last one night

Now that Paul Manafort has been hauled to jail, the question is whether he'll flip and who he might flip on—or if he doesn't have information of value to prosecutors.

Time will tell, but CNN legal analyst Laura Coates does not have a lot of faith in his ability to withstand the stressors of jail.

CNN host Jake Tapper pointed out that it's easy for defendants to resist cooperating with prosecutors when they're on the outside. But that all changes the first night. Coates agreed.

"Self-preservation kicks in. There's something about that orange jumpsuit. Being away from your counsel. Being away from the comfort of home," Coates said. "Knowing that this particular cage, which is what this is, you can dress it up pretty and call it a cell, but it's a cage, is all you're looking at and you know this is all that's before you, it's very, very persuasive."

Coates added that given what inmates go through mentally, like financial strain and mental stress, they're far more likely to cooperate.