CNN North Korea expert says Trump used 'trigger word' at press conference that will infuriate both Koreas
Proffsor Balbina Hwang [ Photo: Screen grab from video]

President Donald Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday. The meeting mainly consisted of talks about the upcoming Singapore summit taking place on June 12.

According to National Public Radio, Abe took his moment with President Trump to talk about Pyongyang's nuclear weapons. Abe is seeking reassurance that President Trump will talk with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un about the threats facing Japan.

During a CNN panel with anchor Wolf Blitzer, Balbina Hwang, a professor from Georgetown University, said their conversation ignited a 'trigger word' that some viewers would not be happy about.

Hwang said President Trump used the trigger phrase "Sea of Japan," and said the term would not sit well with the people of Korea.

"He referred to the Sea of Japan. That's a trigger word. If you have spoken to North Korea officials as I have, and many of you have as well, for them, World War II with Japan has never really ended. They still have a long memory of what Japan did in Korea during World War II, it is very sensitive," Hwang said.

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