CNN panel bursts out laughing about how narcissistic Trump made Joe Crowley loss about himself
Frank Bruni on CNN/Screenshot

Donald Trump thinks that voters picked a socialist over a high-ranking member of the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives because the incumbent was not nice enough to him.

Rep. Steve Crowley of Queens lost his bid for reelection tonight, falling to a 28-year-old activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Donald Trump tweeted that he thinks Crowley would have done better had he been nicer.

A panel on CNN could not help but laugh at Trump's proclamation.

"The president's ability to make everything about himself is just boundless," said New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. "One can have many different opinions about what this election and Crowley's defeat means, but one thing for sure it doesn't mean is that it wasn't he wasn't nice enough to Donald Trump. She was not campaigning as someone who was going to be kinder to Trump than Representative Crowley. I can guarantee you that as well."

Analyst Ryan Lizza pointed out that Ocasio-Cortez ran far to the left of Obama or other mainstream Democrats. Crowley was also battered when he refused to show up for a debate, sending a surrogate instead.

"She didn't run just off Obamacare, she ran to the left of Obamacare, for Medicare For All," Lizza said. "She ran on very strict gun control. She ran on abolishing ICE. I mean she ran on every kind of blue sky Progressive issue out there... this is going to send shock waves through the Democratic Party."

Watch below.