CNN panel explodes over Trump's attempt to take credit for the black unemployment rate
Catherine Rampell, April Ryan, Steve Cortes [Photo: Screen grab from video]

White House correspondent April Ryan slammed former President Donald Trump campaign official Steve Cortes for defending President Trump's attempt to take credit for the black unemployment rate.

President Trump announced on Friday that the unemployment rate has fallen below 6 percent. "This is wonderful news for black and brown people. This country is finally starting to prosper," Cortes said.

Ryan said while she is happy the numbers are down, President Trump could do a lot more. "Since blacks were brought to this country, there has been a disproportionate amount of jobs. Economics are off the scale. There's a gap economically and job wise," Ryan said.

Contributor Catherine Rampell said the president received too much praise for the numbers.

"These are continuations of the exact same trends we have seen. The unemployment rate has been falling pretty much in a straight line for all of these demographics we are talking about, again, this is the business cycle at work. You can't credit Trump," Rampell said.

Watch the panel go off the rails below.