CNN panel goes off the rails when Republican claims 'Red Wave' is coming: 'We can't lose anywhere'
A CNN panel hosted by Ana Cabrera/Screenshot

A CNN panel got heated Sunday afternoon when a Republican panelist predicted a "Red Wave" based on Ted Cruz's support among Texas Latinos.

Commentator Maria Cardona and former Trump Latino council head Steve Cortes were on Ana Cabrera's show to debate the midterm elections.

After Cabrera aired a graphic that showed there are more independents than Republicans in California, Cortes pointed out that Ted Cruz is polling well in Texas with Latinos.

"What's most encouraging is he's winning the hispanic vote in Texas," Cortes said. "That's not just great for President Trump, that's great news for the Republican Party as a whole. If we capture the Hispanic vote, which I think we will, we can't lose anywhere there will be a Red Wave—we can't lose anywhere."

Cardona argued that Trump's corruption was a liability as the election draws closer.

"The Republican Party is in search of its soul, because when you have a president where he is focused on a culture of corruption, where everything he's focused on is to enrich himself and enrich his family," she said.

Cortes replied by falsely claiming that Trump is a "self-made billionaire"—Trump inherited his wealth and would have more money today had he simply put it into index funds and played golf instead of playing businessman.

"The idea that he ran for office to enrich himself, a self-made billionaire, the idea that he needed this for his bottom line is absolutely insulting," Cortes said as Cabrera told both she needed to cut away.

Watch below.