CNN panel: 'Huge backlash' from women voters will punish Trump for hiring ex-Fox News exec tainted by sexual harassment
Catherine Lucey and Maeve Reston appear on CNN panel (screen grab)

A CNN panel on Wednesday warned that President Donald Trump can expect a "huge backlash" from the "Me Too" movement if he goes through with plans to hire disgraced Fox News co-president Bill Shine.

Multiple reports revealed on Wednesday that Trump was considering Shine, who was ousted from Fox News after a widespread sexual harassment scandal, for the job of White House communications director.

Reporting on CNN, White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins said that Fox News host Sean Hannity has played a major role in pushing his former Fox News boss during nightly calls with the president.

"It's possibly a risk," Nia-Malika Henderson explained. "[Trump] doesn't care. Here is a person, in the wake of that Access Hollywood tape, [who] sort of had to be forced to apologize. It wasn't even quite an apology."

"We know that Fox News has essentially run the communications staff at the White House anyway," she pointed out. "He gets a lot of his talking points from Fox News so it seems to be inevitable that somebody from Fox is now in house."

CNN National Political Reporter Maeve Reston observed that Trump could face blowback for hiring Shine.

"Some of these figures who were caught up in the Me Too movement, who stepped down from their jobs try to make these comebacks, often there's like a huge backlash," Reston said. "So I think that it is a risk for Trump in the sense that this is exactly the kind of thing that gets the left very riled us and energized to potentially come out in 2020, to come out in the midterms."

"It just sort of exemplifies the fact that [Trump] doesn't care and it gets people hot," she added.

New York Times correspondent Carl Hulse agreed that hiring Shine "institutionalizes the relationship" between Fox News and the White House.

"There used to be people who would advise him, 'You can't do this right now, it's going to bring back the Access Hollywood tape,'" Hulse remarked. "I think he feels right now that he's winning being Trump. This is more being Trump."

Watch the video below from CNN.