CNN's Cuomo shuts down Trump defender claiming network ignored immigrants under Obama: 'We made a whole documentary about it!'
Chris Cuomo and David Urban/Screenshot

CNN's Chris Cuomo had Trump-supporter David Urban on his show Thursday night to talk about the crisis surrounding the president's decision to take migrant children from their parents.

Urban tried to turn the tables on Cuomo and Democrats, arguing that President Obama had also locked up children and that the Democrats ignored it.

"This isn't something that's new," he said.

"You're saying we weren't upset then," Cuomo said. "We were upset."

"No, you weren't," Urban said.

"Yes we were!" Cuomo said. "We went down to the border and went crazy about it. We did a whole documentary about how they keep people on the border!"

Cuomo then pointed out that the president spent his day talking about his wife's jacket and the media instead of laying out a plan to reunite families.

Van Jones, who was a guest on the show, put that into perspective.

"The issue is where are these babies? I talked to people who have had these babies returned and these babies come back traumatized. They feel like they're adopting their own kid," he said.

Watch below.