'Oh, that's bologna': CNN's Kirsten Powers bashes conservative David Urban's weak defense of Trump's Muslim ban
Kristen Powers and David Urban [Screengrab from video]

Political analyst Kristen Powers slammed CNN legal analyst David Urban over President Donald Trump's travel ban being upheld by the Supreme Court.

Powers said it is important to remember President Trump's intention behind the ban.

"They were sort of pretending this has been just a conversation about executive power and he's just any president coming along and they're just making a decision like it is an ordinary president. He's not an ordinary president, and when he was quite clear about what his intention was. Just because in the end he was only able to harm a small percentage of Muslims, he was still able to so," Powers said.

Urban said that President Trump was just using political rhetoric to defend the ban. "I can assure you this was designed to keep Americans safe," he said. "[Everything else] was just campaign rhetoric."

"Oh that's bologna," Powers concluded.

Watch below.