Community rallies around small business owners after appalling racist note

Two Indianapolis small-business owners are working to open a video game shop. The goal is to help both kids and adults (there's booze for the adults) break out of their social media bubble.

"We want to open a place for young kids and even adults to come in and play video games and keep them out of trouble or even have a place to come hang out and break the social Media jail and meet people in person," wrote Sami Ali on Facebook.

But some people in the neighborhood are making some racist assumptions about the establishment. The entrepreneurs were shocked to find a note that read, "Close shop. We don't support black business owners," KGUN reports.

"I’m Puerto Rican and Arabic. And some local business owners has approached my self and my business partners with negativity," Ali continued.

Tony Jones, the co-founder of the video game joint, said that they'd received an outpouring of support after they publicized the racist note.

"You can't block and you can't stop people's hate, but love can always trump that," Jones said.