'Crimea is ours, Trump is ours!' Russian state TV celebrates president standing up for Putin at G7
A Russian TV news panel discusses President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

A news program on Russia's state television network celebrated this week after seeing a report about President Donald Trump standing up for Russian interests at last week's G7 meeting in Quebec.

Julia Davis, who runs the Russian Media Monitor website, reports via Twitter that Russian TV show host Olga Skabeeva and her colleagues this week were very happy to see a report from BuzzFeed News about President Donald Trump telling G7 leaders that Russia should be allowed to annex Crimea on the basis that the majority of people in that province speak Russian.

The argument that Crimea should belong to Russia because most of its citizens speak Russian is an argument that has been frequently used by Putin as a justification for its annexation.

What’s more, Trump reportedly asked the G7 leaders why they were so insistent on standing up for Ukraine, which he described as "one of the most corrupt countries in the world."

Skabeeva and co-host Evgeny Popov relayed this news excitedly to their audience, and they clearly approved of Trump's actions.

"Krym nash, Trump nash!" Skabeeva says jubilantly at the end of the show, which in English translates to "Crimea is ours, Trump is ours!"

Watch the video below -- Skabeeva says "Trump is ours" at the 9:58 mark.