Cuomo interview with Lewandowski goes off the rails after CNN host calls everyone at White House 'liars'
Chris Cuomo and Corey Lewandowski on CNN/Screenshot

CNN's Chris Cuomo interviewed former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Thursday night, in a conversation that quickly went off the rails.

Cuomo pushed Lewandowski on Trump's many, many lies.

"This White House, they never admit a mistake, and when they are confronted with anything they've said that's wrong, let alone a lie, they just attack you," Coumo said.

Lewandowski said there has been a "disproportionate amount of wrong reporting on this administration."

Cuomo pointed out that the reporters who made the errors Lewandowski cited have admitted their errors and run corrections, whereas everyone in the Trump administration lies and never corrects their lies.

Lewandowski used the phrase "both sides" when complaining about misstatements.

"It does nothing to remove the responsibility of a president of the United States and a White House from telling the truth and owning when it does not," Cuomo said. "You've got to own your stuff, and you never do."

Watch below.