DHS in panic mode over backlash -- complain of Twitter harassment and having charred headless rat dropped on door
DHS spokesman Tyler Houlton is one of the officials freaking out about protestors whop have targeted his agency/Screenshots

The Department of Homeland Security is in panic mode as the resistance targets it for carrying out Trump's harsh orders on immigration, the Washington Post reports.

As ICE facilities across the nation face Occupy protests, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was driven out of a Mexican restaurant.

Other senior officials have been targeted, too, the Post reports. Including one who found a charred, headless rodent carcass on their doorstep over the weekend

“This is the most threatening environment for DHS employees since Trump took office,” said one official who anonymously complained of harassment.

The DHS officials complained of "threats and intimidation" which "reached a peak over the past week."

Activists protested last Friday outside Nielsen’s home in Alexandria and at the residences of other senior DHS personnel.

The agency's press spokesperson, Tyler Q. Houlton, who has in the past loudly defended people inside the agency who engaged in birtherism and anti-gay campaigning, was upset because a verified Twitter user who has advocated punching Nazis posted his picture.

“This is what Tyler looks like, just in case anyone sees him in a restaurant in DC or something,” the user wrote.

Nielsen told everyone inside the agency that she is working to "ensure the safety" of employees from "cyber threats."

“I want to reiterate that the department is doing everything it can to ensure the safety of our employees from both the physical and cyber threats made against you,” she wrote. “Border security and immigration enforcement have long been difficult and dangerous callings, requiring immense personal sacrifice — challenges you bear with courage and confidence every day.”

At protests around the country, the "Nazi pigs" at ICE have been asked by chanters to quit their jobs.

So far, not a single DHC employee has been physically harmed, the Post reports.