Donald Trump praises Kim Jong-un: He’ll 'turn North Korea into a great successful country'

At a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, Wednesday night, President Donald Trump praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying that the young dictator would make North Korea into a "great country."

He went on to boast about how well he got along with Jong-un.

"I got along with Kim Jung-on, and that's a good thing, not a bad thing."

As the audience cheered, Trump confessed that things could still go wrong in America's dealings with the North Korean regime, but that conflict had been averted.

"Right now, you are so safe," he assured them.

"All over Asia they're celebrating because of the great achievements we've made" Trump said, flattering the crowd by suggesting they too had played a role in the North Korean summit by putting him in office.

While the meeting between the two leaders likely helped deescalate tensions -- a good thing -- critics nevertheless frown on Donald Trump lavishing praise on a murderous regime notorious for jailing and killing dissidents.