‘I don’t think he deserves a thumbs-up’: Fox & Friends hosts bummed out after guest rips Trump-Kim summit
Ben Shapiro appears on 'Fox & Friends' (Screen cap).

Conservative Ben Shapiro went on President Donald Trump's favorite morning show on Tuesday and threw cold water on the president's big summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

During the segment, Shapiro said he found it "disquieting" that Trump would heap lavish praise on Kim, and he noted that the North Korean leader runs "a slave state with 25 million prisoners."

Shapiro also said that he would praise Trump if he actually got North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, but he said that the president had no reason to trust that it would actually do so.

"The piece of paper that got signed yesterday is, frankly, weak," he said. "If what Trump says in that interview with Sean [Hannity] is exactly correct, then we'll all be celebrating. But we'll wait to see if that actually ends up being correct because there's no history of this family having ever not lied to the West."

Elsewhere in the interview, Shapiro knocked Trump for the optics of "hand holding and patting" Kim on the back during their meeting. He also singled out a photo of Trump giving Kim the thumbs-up sign.

"I don't think he deserves the Trump thumbs-up," he said.

Watch the videos below.