Economist Noah Smith, a former assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University who is now a columnist for Bloomberg, has issued a stark warning to the conservative movement about where President Donald Trump's trade war is taking the American economy.

Writing on Twitter, Smith explains that the effects of Trump's tariffs are just starting to be felt on the economy -- and that things will only get worse in key battleground states in the months ahead.

"This is just the beginning," he writes. "More U.S. tariffs will hurt American companies more. More foreign retaliation will hurt American companies more. Workers will lose their jobs. Investors will see their stocks lose value. Whether it causes a recession or not, it'll be bad bad bad."

Smith then reams out Trump for not just starting a trade war with one country -- but for trying to "go up against the entire world at once."

And because the GOP has become a personality cult, writes Smith, the total lack of willingness to challenge the president's trade wars will discredit the party on managing the economy.

"You folks on the Right have made loyalty to Trump a litmus test," he writes. "Anyone who doesn't support him is a cuck. Never-Trumpers are cucks, etc. And Dear Leader is going to lead you right off a goddamn cliff."

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