President Donald Trump thinks that separating immigrant children from their parents is a political winner for him -- but even Fox News' Howard Kurtz is now warning the president that he may be stepping on a landmine.

Writing about the deep divisions Trump's family separation policies have created within the conservative movement, Kurtz notes that even some of the president's biggest admirers are drawing a line in the sand over his latest policy.

"A Republican president has a problem when he's lost the New York Post," Kurtz writes, referring to the right-wing tabloid that called out the president this week for his family separation policies. "And religious leaders who have backed him on just about everything he's done. And the last Republican first lady. And his own wife feels compelled to speak out."

Kurtz, who has often written sympathetically of the president and derisively of the mainstream press, goes on to warn Trump that the sights and sounds of immigrant toddlers crying out for their parents are a political disaster for him, no matter who is telling him otherwise.

"There is nothing complicated about the heart-rending images of children, some of them babies and toddlers, being seized from their parents," he writes. "The pictures are searing, and they are offensive to a great many Americans."

Kurtz even debunks Trump's talking point that it is somehow the Democrats' fault that he is ripping children away from their parents.

"Trump keeps insisting that he has no choice, that his administration is following the law, and that it's the Democrats' fault for not reaching an immigration compromise," he writes. "The great majority of journalists, fact-checkers and independent experts who have looked at the situation say that's not true. The practice is based on a policy that Trump could change today. Reporters are out-and-out accusing him of lying."

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