Ex-CIA head reveals Mueller investigation of Trump will be 'bearing fruit' on multiple fronts
Former CIA director John Brennan on MSNBC/Screenshot

John Brennan, who served as CIA director under President Obama, went on MSNBC's Meet The Press on Friday evening to talk about the investigations into Donald Trump.

Brennan is now a senior intelligence contributor, and stopped by to discuss the Investigator General's report on the FBI and former director James Comey..

Brennan also expressed the upmost confidence in Robert Mueller—and hinted that he thought Mueller had the goods on Trump.

"I believe that Bob Mueller's special counsel team has a number of investigative threads that they have been pulling over the last year that are going to be bearing fruit," he said. "And I am counting on director Mueller to once and for all address the issue about whether or not there was conspiracy, whether or not there was collusion with Russia. Despite what Mr. Trump said, that the DOJ IG report exonerated him, it did nothing."

Brennan refused to say whether he'd seen "evidence" of criminal wrongdoing by Trump—but said that Mueller will figure it out.

"Since I have been out of office, I have seen a lot of reporting that indicates to me there was a lot of collaboration, a lot of interaction, that to me requires people like Bob Mueller and others to look at whether or not it rose and reached the threshold of criminal activity."

Watch below.