Ex-Fox analyst rips former network for pushing Trump 'propaganda' that caged immigrant kids are in 'summer camps'
Former Fox analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on MSNBC/Screenshot

Former Fox News analyst and retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, who quit the network with harsh words about its propaganda.

On Friday evening, Peters spoke to Ari Melber about the way the network has handled Trump's immigration crisis on MSNBC. Melber ran footage of Fox News personalities calling migrant children locked in cages "actors" and referring to toddlers being imprisoned away from their parents as being like "summer camp."

Peters said he could never support such propaganda.

"For many years, Fox, whatever you may think of it, it was a legitimate and indeed necessary outlet for conservative and libertarian views," he said. "But in the age of Trump it's turned into a destructive propaganda machine for the Trump administration. And I had to leave. I had no choice. Because, as a military officer, Ari, I took an oath, a solemn oath, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States."

"The evening hosts for the most part are intelligent people. They are savvy. They didn't get there by being dummies," Peters said "And they know what they are doing. They understand that they are doing propaganda. But they have drunk the Jonestown Kool Aid, brother."

Peters saved special invective for Sean Hannity.

"Sean is different from other evening hosts in that he is a true believer," he said. "Sean Hannity believes much, if not all, of what he says... Direct access to the president of the United States, to the White House, thinking the president is your chum it is extremely is a seductive. So people have been seduced."

Watch below.