Ex-US Attorney Bharara breaks down how Trump used his scam foundation to 'funnel money' into his own pocket
Preet Bharara [ Photo: Screengrab]

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara broke down the corruption of President Donald Trump's charity scandal during an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Thursday.

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed a suit against the Trump Foundation claiming that the company was used in a way to pay off President Trump's creditors. The Trump Foundation is run by his children Ivanka and Eric Trump.

Bharara said Underwood had no political motive in bringing the case against President Trump and his children.

"Underwood, is not a political person. She is not even running for attorney general in the fall. She has the respect of people on all sides of the political spectrum," he said.

Bharara said mass evidence supporting the foundation's corruption led to the lawsuit. Bharara claimed the organization hasn't even had an official meeting in over 19-years.

"The board of directors never met, and hasn't met in I think 19 years, since 1999. It was a foundation that over, and over again backed up by specific pieces of evidence, by e-mail and documents, and by very credible, concrete allegations was used as a funnel to pay off legal debt, to various charities, or to further his political campaign," he said. " It's clear as black and white, it's not supposed to engage in politics."

Bharara continued: "There are allegations after allegations that this foundation was basically a front for Donald Trump, and his business interests to do what they pleased. It's not a large foundation given that Donald Trump is a billionaire, yet you see the foundation didn't have any employees. It didn't have any oversight. It was governed on a whim."

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