'You f*cking monster': John Oliver nails Fox's Stuart Varney for surprisingly frank opinion on children in cages
John Oliver (Photo: HBO Promotion)

John Oliver began his Sunday show, "Last Week Tonight," by hammering President Donald Trump and Fox Business for their lack of compassion for the children they put in cages.

Oliver outright called Trump, "the abusive father everyone will be talking about in therapy for the next 40 years."

He went on to call out Trump for claiming that he had no power to change the policy that resulted in thousands of children being separated from their families and thrown into detention centers.

"His hands were tied. There was nothing he could do. Well, guess what?" Oliver asked, before showing a clip of the president doing the opposite. "Yes, Trump claimed he couldn't do a thing, and then he did it. Which is a little strange, because he usually claims he can do things and then doesn't do them, like 'draining the swamp,' or 'locking up Hillary,' or attending Tiffany's sweet 16."

Oliver cited reports that the children will now be held with families, however, there's a problem with that: children can only be held for 20 days legally. It's unclear what will happen to the children when the 20 days are up and their parents are still behind the cage doors.

"Which means, in less than three weeks, they could start splitting families up all over again," Oliver said.

When the host brought up the administrations plan to reunite children with their families, he explained that it's about as detailed as any Trump plan. According to a CNN report, they have everything put together except how long it would take and how it would get done.

"Well, hold on, because those are some pretty major pieces to leave out," Oliver said. "In fact, it's all the pieces."

When it came to Trump's apologists, Oliver said they were spinning in overdrive trying to come up with others they could blame for the crisis. That is, except for Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

"It took Fox's Stuart Varney to come up with the argument, 'Who gives a sh*t,'" Oliver summarized. He played a clip of Varney saying that the story the media isn't talking about is the success of Trump's tax cut. According to him, that's the real story.

"Wait: 'Why are we talking about this, we should be talking about something else,'" Oliver explained. "That deflection technique doesn't really work when the thing you're deflecting from is children in cages. If a realtor selling a house were to say, 'Why are we talking about the children in cages? The kitchen has marble counter tops.' The only acceptable response would be, 'Because they're children and they're in cages. Someone needs to let them out you f*cking monster!'"

Watch the clip below: