Florida 7/11 employee busted for dumping ice water on disabled homeless man while he was sleeping
Photos of a Jacksonville woman reportedly throwing water on a homeless man/Screenshot

A bypasser has published photos of what she said was a homeless man being harassed by a 7/11 employee, News 4 Jax reports.

The bypasser, who identified herself as Toyia Boone on Facebook, said that the clerk went outside the store and dumped water on a sleeping homeless man who had a walker next to him.

"I just witnessed this fat slobby looking b**ch walk outside of the 7/11 downtown and pour a cup of ice cold water on the homeless man that was sleeping in front of her store," she wrote. "She could have handled that in a better way. When I let her know she was wrong... She said.... She doesn't care and we don't have to shop there. My daughter and I kindly walked out her store... Make her famous."

The incident happened at the downtown Jacksonville location on Julia Street.

A manager at the store said the employee has not been fired, News4Jax said.