Former ICE spokesman defends the agents taking kids away: 'These are parents themselves --they have a rough time with this too'
Former ICE spokesman James Schwab talks about ICE/Screenshot

A former spokesman for ICE has defended his former colleagues by saying that the agents who are taking children from their parents and locking them in cages feel bad about it.

In an interview with CNN's Van Jones that is scheduled to air Sunday, James Schwab, a former spokesman for ICE's office in San Francisco said that the agency should not be abolished.

"These are parents themselves," he said, according to a transcript published by CNN. "I know people aren't sympathetic to deportation officers, but they have a rough time with this too and I think more so under this administration."

This is not the first time Schwab has spoken up. When he resigned, he said that it was because he did not want to lie for Trump.

The government is not happy about it.

He was giving an interview to CBS earlier this week when two agents from the Department of Homeland Security inspector general's office showed up at his door.

"It just seemed like two thugs coming to the door and threatening me," Schwab said.