Fox & Friends hosts sit while flag is unfurled and military performs national anthem
Flag is displayed while national anthem is performed (Fox News/screen grab)

The hosts of Fox & Friends on Thursday appeared to break with the national tradition of standing with a hand over the heart while the anthem is performed.

To celebrate Flag Day, Fox & Friends brought in a 30 ft. by 50 ft. flag and an Army band. While the anthem was performed, members of the military saluted. Some of the crowd gathered around the flag could be seen holding their hands over their hearts, but many others did not.

When the camera returned to the hosts of Fox & Friends, they were sitting at their usual spot on the studio's couch with their hands at their side.

"That is your shot of the morning," host Ainsley Earhardt announced. "Isn't that beautiful. That flag is a 30 by 50 flag representing patriotism out on our plaza. Our Army band is performing the Star Spangled Banner in honor of Flag Day."

The hosts, who have often been critical of NFL players who do not stand for the anthem, did not explain why they did not participate in the display of patriotism.

Watch the video below.