Fox host explodes after child camps are compared to 'concentration camps': 'Kids were not placed in ovens and baked'
Abby Huntsman and Pete Hegseth (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth on Sunday exploded at liberals who compare President Donald Trump's child immigrant camps to "concentration camps."

"Hold on," Hegseth said. "You mean, the kids were not placed in ovens and baked? They were reunited with their families."

Fox co-host Ed Henry tried to interrupt but Hegseth continued.

"No, seriously. Rhetoric actually matters," Hegseth opined. "You call it a concentration camp? Call it what it is. You reunite these kids peacefully with their parents -- who broke the law, by the way, by going across the border -- and suddenly you're an evil person."

"How much will that story get covered when they are reunited?" Henry wondered.

"Exactly," Hegseth agreed. "Now that it's all fixed."

Watch the video below from Fox News.