Fox News' historian compares battle against 'liberals' and 'corporate media' for SCOTUS will be like Nazis fighting Russians
presidential historian Doug Wead (Photo: Screen capture)

In a Fox News discussion about the impending battle over the Supreme Court, presidential historian Doug Wead compared the political battle to World War II and the Nazis facing off against the Russians.

"Yeah, this is going to look like the German-Russo front in World War II," he said. "If you think shouting down Sarah Sanders is uncivil. It’s just the whole corporate media and the culture of America is at stake the next 30 years. It’s going to be tough and bitter."

It's unclear who are the Nazis and who are the Russians, since both are welcome in the Republican Party today. During World War II, Germany attempted to take over Russia, expecting it would only take a few months to win. Instead it took four years and 3 million Nazi soldiers and 27 million Soviet lives.

Watch the bizarre commentary below: