Fox News politics editor erupts over Manafort’s ‘rotten’ behavior in warning to Trump’s defenders
Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt and Dana Perino.

Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt slammed the "corruption at its core" alleged in new indictments by special prosecutor Robert Mueller during an appearance on "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino."

"Fox News alert. A federal grand jury returns a new indictment against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, accusing him with obstruction of justice and potential witness tampering," Perino introduced.

"Paul Manafort seems to be, being squeezed from all sides," Perino observed. "The more they look into what he's been doing, the more they find."

"Well, he squeezed himself on this one," Stirewalt noted. "What's alleged here is the kind of conduct that is as foolish as it is rotten."

"If he did this, tampering with a witness in an investigation, this is corruption at it's core, it's disrespect of the process," he concluded.

Stirewalt also had advice for Trump defenders.

"They should tread carefully in their defenses when it comes to sticking up for people like Paul Manafort," he suggested. "When somebody tells you who they are enough times, believe them."