Hope Hicks could return to the White House as Trump seeks new chief of staff: report
Hope Hicks (Photo: Screen capture)

Hope Hicks may be headed back to the White House as chief of staff, Vanity Fair reports.

"Two sources say Hope Hicks is being discussed inside the White House as Trump's next chief of staff. According to a source close to Hicks, she has told people she is open to the job if Trump asks," said Vanity Fair.

Another contender for the job is Bill Shine, White House communications director.  Shine, who was forced to leave Fox News due to his handling of allegations of sexual harassment by Roger Ailes, is expected to be a fierce Trump loyalist.

“Shine is very tough,” a former Shine colleague told Vanity Fair. “You could pull a gun on him and he’d be like, ‘Son, put the gun away.’”