ICE officers whine that everyone hates them now: 'Even the cops don’t like us anymore'
An ICE agent operates/Screenshot

Agents who work for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement in California have found that they're so unpopular even other law enforcement officers want nothing to do with them, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In the Times story, ICE agents complain that people are calling the police on them as they try to operate—or even when they try to get coffee in the city.

“Even the cops don’t like us anymore because they’re listening to the news also,” said an ICE agent who the Times allowed to remain anoymous. “ ‘Oh you guys are just separating families.’ ”

Ice agents are under fire nationwide. Rightwingers became enraged with WikiLeaks recently when the Russia-connected site published the names of 9,000 supposed current and former ICE employees. (The information is public record.)

Some ICE agents even hate ICE—earlier this week several officers sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen asking her to disband the agency.

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