Immigrant kids tell CBS they go hungry in Trump camps after being fed only 'apples and water'
15-year-old "Renaldo" from Guatamala speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

Immigrant children told CBS News that they went hungry after being detained by Customs and Border Protection agents.

CBS News host Gayle King spoke to a group of children who were held in detention centers after President Donald Trump ordered a "no tolerance" policy, forcing immigrant families to be separated.

"Were you treated very well, were you afraid there?" King asked a 15-year-old boy named Renaldo.

"I was very scared," Renaldo replied, according to a translator. "At midnight they wake you up to count everyone in the cells."

After the interview, King revealed that multiple children told her they went hungry while in the detention center.

"Renaldo also told us that he did not get enough to eat," King explained. "He said he was fed apples and water -- and neither did other people."

Watch the video clip below from CBS.