'Inconsistency and lies': CNN's Brooke Baldwin bashes Sarah Huckabee Sanders for dodging questions during the press briefing
CNN's Brook Baldwin [ Photo: screen grab from video ]

CNN's Brooke Baldwin opened her segment in disbelief and bashed White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for dodging questions related to President Donald Trump's pardon comments.

"I would love to know if anyone was counting how many times she said, 'the president has done nothing wrong?" Baldwin said. "It's almost like, you know when someone says something over and over and over again, it's like you're trying to convince yourself or someone that what you're saying is true."

CNN contributors Gloria Borger and Jeffrey Toobin said Sanders was "avoiding the questions," and that the "facts were murky."

CNN's Jim Sciutto then walked viewers through a timeline of the Mueller investigation.

"We're going to help you keep up with the series of contradictory statements about this Trump tower meeting, and the explanation drafted after the fact," Sciutto said.

Baldwin said the stories coming out of the White House do not add up.

"There are inconsistency and lies," she said. "Whatever the word is that you want to use, it has certainly happened with the  latest iteration of this story."

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