Kellyanne Conway speechless when asked if Trump will stop calling reporters the 'enemy of the people'
Kellyanne Conway (Screenshot/Fox News)

Donald Trump's former campaign manager and current adviser Kellyanne Conway was reportedly speechless after journalists asked her if the president would cease his attacks on the media in the wake of the Capital Gazette newsroom shooting that left five people dead yesterday.

Bloomberg News' Jennifer Jacobs tweeted on Friday morning that a press gaggle asked Conway if Trump will "stop calling reporters the enemy of the people" — and that Conway had no answer.

Per Jacobs' thread about Conway, the comments came after a Fox News interview on a wide range of subjects, including the Trump's upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and rumors that White House chief of staff John Kelly may soon retire.

Fox News tweeted a screenshot of the Trump adviser that included a quote from her about the shooting at the Annapolis newspaper.

"An attack on innocent journalists, innocent Americans, is an attack on all of us," Conway said.