Kim Kardashian: Child separations are 'heartbreaking' -- but it's 'so crazy everyone doesn't want' Trump to 'win'

Reality star Kim Kardashian said this week that she opposes family separations at the Mexico border but she also claimed that it is "so crazy" that people don't want President Donald Trump to "win."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that was published on Wednesday, Kardashian was asked if she had "any thoughts" on the child separations caused by Trump's "no tolerance" policy for immigrants.

"It is really complex," the reality star insisted. "It’s heartbreaking. When you see those images, it breaks your heart and I hope that it all gets resolved. You don’t want to see these things."

Kardashian added that she would like to see more people support Trump.

"I try to see all sides," she said. "There’s obviously a lot that we don’t agree with, but I want him [President Trump] to win. I want him to succeed, because it’s our country. It’s so crazy that everyone doesn’t want that."