'Learn to read': NRA's Dana Loesch and Russia critic Louise Mensch throw down on Twitter -- and it's bonkers
Louise Mensch and Dana Loesch/Screenshots

NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch was a "goth kid." We know this because Loesch revealed this highly personal information in a heated Saturday night Twitter exchange that erupted after Russia-critic Louise Mensch accused the NRA spokesperson of representing an organization that laundered money from Russia.

Mensch accused Loesch of having "sold the US government to the highest bidder; the Kremlin" and Loesch accused Mensch of being "a ridiculous, discredited person."

The full exchange is complicated, but the dispute engulfed Claude Taylor who erects anti-Trump and anti-NRA billboards and continued through barbed accusations and insults.

As the squabble played out they insulted each other and accused the other of being "triggered."

Read some of the tweets below.