'Leave my husband alone': Transportation Secretary yells at protestors confronting Mitch McConnell with Trump's crying migrant kids
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao yells at protesters (Photo: Screen capture)

Transporation Secretary Elaine Chao shouted at protesters Tuesday demonstrating against her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, while leaving an event.

The protesters played a recording of children crying in one of the immigrant detention facilities filled by children who were separated from their parents under the policies of President Donald Trump.

"Why are you separating families?" one of the protesters shouts at McConnell as he leaves a building, as seen in a video posted by a Twitter user known as Roberto.

While McConnell appears to ignore the protesters as he climbs into the car waiting for them, Chao began a shouting match with the group as she walked around the back of the vehicle.

"Why don't you leave my husband alone?" Chao replies. Asked again why he's separating families, Chao said. "He is not!"

"He's got the power to stop it!" one of the protesters shouts back.

"You leave my husband alone!" she demands again.

"How does he sleep at night?!" bellows another protester before Chao makes her way into the car.

Watch the video below: