LISTEN: Woman goes on bonkers racist rant at Texas professor  -- because she's Asian-American
Professor Karen Fang of the University of Houston/Screenshot

Karen Fang is a professor of English at the University of Houston.

She studies British Romantic literature and has degrees from President Trump's alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, and from Johns Hopkins.

Earlier this week, Fang received an insane voicemail from a random racist woman who questioned her loyalty to the United States and whether or not she pays taxes.

According to, the caller has actually gotten her confused with a different Asian professor at the University—Fang had originally named that professor but has now bleeped it out to respect her privacy.

"How can you teach loyalty? Uh, promote patriotism? You're teaching in the United States of America! This is America! And we are going to remain free, an independent nation, not part of the New World Order, and we're not going to be part of the global society," the caller said.

The caller seemed to believe Fang was promoting paganism and communism.

"We will rise up and promote patriotism," she said. "We will not be assimilated into a pagan and communist country. We want our freedom and will remain free. And we are a Christian nation. Now, people can believe how they want—but, uh, people who are Americans know they have that freedom because the way the government is set up, the three branches of government."

The caller also questioned whether she pays taxes—saying that she's suspicious because does not see Asians paying for tax preparation services at the mall.

"Do you pay taxes? Do you have a Social Security card? I highly doubt it. I don't see many people of Chinese descent at H&R Block or at the tax stations at the different stores," the caller said. "I would ask you to get right with immigration. Now, perhaps you're a citizen and just didn't—but, usually people who are proud of that have that in their biography and you don't."

Listen to the insane voicemail below.