'He looks as plump and baby-faced as he does in photos’: CNN’s Jim Acosta reveals what he witnessed from Kim Jong-un
Jim Acosta [Photo: Screengrab from video]

CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta went to the North Korean summit. While talking to CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Acosta detailed what he experienced overseas.

"It was interesting, because the day started with the White House having a lot of jitters about us being around Kim Jong-un, and in the beginning in those pools with Kim Jong-un and President Trump, I was excluded because they were concerned that Kim Jong-un had not been around American reporters yelling and shouting questions," Acosta said.

He then told Blitzer that Kim Jong-un looks the same in person as he does on television.

"He looked just as plump and baby faced as he looks on TV and on all the state media pictures," Acosta said.

Acosta said he made sure to ask the hard questions regrading Kim Jong-un's past and said he represented all of American's media well.

"I thought we were totally justified in asking all of those questions and my colleagues at CNN and the other networks, would have been disappointed had I had not attempted to ask the questions," he said.

He said that Kim Jong-un had a tight group of people surrounding him during the summit.

"He didn't answer our questions, and I'm not sure how much English he understands, but we notice that the North Koreans were very sensitive to us being around him. He had a tight group of security officials around him at all times. He had state media representatives around him at all times," Acosta said.

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