Man gets thrown back in jail because he couldn't afford to pay cab that took him home from prison
40-year-old Florida resident Charles Folk (Photo via Brevard County Sheriff's Office).

A Florida man this week found himself back in jail after he couldn't come up with the money to pay the cab driver who had driven him home from prison.

Local news station WCVB reports that 40-year-old Charles Folk, a resident of Melbourne, Florida, was escorted back to prison on Thursday just hours after he had been released after serving time for criminal mischief that included ransacking his own home and damaging property belonging to his roommate.

After he was released from the Brevard County Jail Complex this week, Folk hailed a taxi and asked the driver to take him to his home, which was located 30 miles away from the prison.

Folk was apparently counting on his sister to have enough cash to pay for the ride, which wound up costing $70. However, upon arriving at his destination, he found that no one in his house had enough cash on hand to cover the fare.

The driver subsequently called the police, who came to arrest Folk and take him back to jail on Thursday morning. He now faces a new charge of petty theft and is being held on $2,000 bail.