Melania spokesperson lashes out at media for reporting on 'I really don't care' jacket worn to visit immigrant kids
Melania Trump (Shutterstock)

On Thursday morning, First Lady Melania Trump sparked outrage when she made a surprise visit to a holding facility for migrant kids in Texas -- she was photographed boarding her plane in a jacket expressing the unfortunate sentiment "I really don't care, do u?" (Melania reportedly changed her jacket before meeting the kids).

Trump's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, scolded reporters for the negative press, tweeting, "Today’s visit w the children in Texas impacted greatly. If media would spend their time & energy on her actions & efforts to help kids - rather than speculate & focus on her wardrobe - we could get so much accomplished on behalf of children.

But Grisham's statement posed more questions than it answered.

"Can you tell us exactly what her office is now doing to reunite kids in HHS custody with their parents?" MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked in response.

In a cabinet meeting Thursday, President Donald Trump said that he wanted to reunite the kids with their parents, but offered no concrete details on the administration's plan.

"Well, we want to put them together.  We don't want to have people -- we don't want to have children separated from their parents," the President said.

"Of the 2,000, a lot of the people, well, they came in with their children.  This is their third, fourth, fifth time trying to come into our country."