Melania Trump shows up at migrant detention center again -- but says it's to support law enforcement
Melania Trump gives an interview (Screenshot)

Melania Trump for the second time has traveled to Trump migrant concentration camp for children in Tucson, Arizona. On camera a Customs and Border Patrol agent told the First Lady "there have to be consequences" for those families attempting to enter the U.S., often to seek asylum.

"I'm here to support you," the First Lady said at the televised event speaking to the agents of the federal Customs and Border Patrol, "and to give my help whatever I can, for, behalf of children and the families."

"I know how dangerous and difficult your daily jobs are so I really appreciate all you do on behalf of the country," the First Lady told the Customs and Border Patrol agents.

There was no discussion of the thousands of children the Trump administration has forcibly separated from their parents and families.