Michael Cohen now popular in New York as friends and strangers encourage him to become 'hero' that saves America from Trump: report
Michael Cohen has gone from being heckled to having people encourage him to become a "hero" by flipping on Trump/Screenshot

Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has had a wild ride of late.

Last September, Cohen said he would take a bullet for the president.

But things have changed since April, when his office and residence were raided by federal authorities.

In New York, Cohen has gone from being taunted by strangers in restaurants and on the street to having people encourage him to flip on the president and become a hero, Vanity Fair reports.

Cohen still hasn't met with federal prosecutors, three sources tell Vanity Fair, and none of them knew if he would flip.

"After a year of scrutiny and mounting legal bills, he is not the same man who once offered to be a human shield for the Trumps," the report reads.

As more people realize this, Cohen is suddenly popular. One woman recently chased him down the street, shouting that he could be a "hero" if he flips.

Another sent him this message: “Please let him know that he could go down in history as the man that saved this country. I think his family would be so proud of him. Even people like me that were disgusted with the things we heard on those audio recordings, would totally forgive him.”