'Monkey see, monkey do': Local anchors scathingly mock Pence after he mimics Trump by hiding water bottle
Kim Johnson, Jason DeRusha and Matt Brickman (WCCO/screen grab)

Anchors for Minnesota's WCCO found themselves laughing out loud at Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday after he mimicked President Donald Trump by removing his water bottle from a table.

At a meeting with FEMA on Wednesday, Trump mysteriously removed his water bottle from the conference room table and placed it on the floor. Seconds later, Pence followed his boss' lead by also placing his water bottle on the floor.

"Monkey see, monkey do," WCCO's Jason DeRusha announced on the station's morning show.

Co-host Matt Brickman began laughing as he reviewed video of Pence mimicking Trump.

"Why?" Brickman exclaimed.

DeRusha speculated that the water bottles were removed from the table to stage a photograph. But co-host Kim Johnson had another suggestion.

"I'm thinking, you want to impress your boss, to kind of mimic their body language in an interview," Johnson said. "You're supposed to mimic them. It was just to impress his boss, that's all."

Watch the video below from WCCO.