MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace smacks-down Trump's ignorance: 'He doesn't read books -- I guess he doesn't read newspapers either'
MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday afternoon's episode of Deadline White House, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace slammed Donald Trump's zero tolerance approach towards migrants at the border, noting that the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the Southwest shows no signs of abating.

Over the weekend, the President tweeted what appeared to be an announcement to entirely strip migrants of due process and send them back without allowing them to plead their case before an immigration judge.

"Zero-tolerance, zero humanity," Wallace quipped in the introduction of segment.

Wallace summed up the President's strategy thusly:

"In other words, more law enforcement, less due process."

"So, I know he doesn't read books but it looks like he doesn't read the newspaper!" she joked about the President's mischaracterizations of the immigration debate.

Watch below.