North Carolina cops apologize to roofied woman for telling her they would only take report if she returned to bar
Leah McGuirk of Charlotte, NC survived being roofied at a club/Screenshot

A North Carolina woman has received an apology from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department after she reported being roofied while out clubbing and then was told she needed to return to the site of the drugging to file a police report.

On May 12, Leah McGuirk, 31, police said they would not take her report unless she went back to Rooftop 210 and called 911, reports the Charlotte Observer.

Instead she wrote about the traumatizing experience on Facebook—her post went viral and prompted the department's special victims unit to call her and ask for her to file a report and to report the officer who dissuaded her originally.

Now the department is finally apologizing.

“It's not the response this victim, this woman, should have gotten,” said Rob Tufano, public affairs director for CMPD, at a press conference Friday. “Not any way, shape or form the way that we expect our folks to address a victim."

Even more troubling is the fact that one rape and three sex offenses have been reported this year alone at the complex of bars and restaurants where this incident happened. Two of the reports say that the victim may have been drugged. Four other people have called to report being drugged there this year.

McGuirk has been collecting reports from other women who said they survived attacks at the spot. She's also uncovered all sorts of problems with the way police handle such cases, such as the fact that there is no box to check for victims of roofies, which are instead marked as "drug overdoses."

Watch her discuss the subject below.