NRA's Dana Loesch attacks Samantha Bee over Ivanka apology: She is not 'someone who is smart or humorous'
Dana Loesch appears on Fox News (screen grab)

National Rifle Association (NRA) spokesperson Dana Loesch on Thursday slammed TBS host Samantha Bee, who apologized this week for using a vulgar word to describe Ivanka Trump.

On her Wednesday night Full Frontal show, Bee said that she "crossed the line" by using the word "c*nt" to insult President Trump's daughter for ignoring the plight of immigrant families.

"I love how she says we use this word on my show all the time," Loesch told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Thursday. "Well, I don't think America knows that because America doesn't watch her show."

"Why in the world, out of all words to try to reclaim, would you try to reclaim that one?" the NRA spokesperson continued. "But this is the most that anyone has talked about her so I don't feel sorry for her because she got what she wanted. She used this word because she wanted to be shocking, she wanted to expand her name recognition."

Loesch concluded: "And she did but she's not recognized in a good way. Nor do people identify her as being someone who is smart or humorous."

Watch the video below from Fox & Friends.